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About Us

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About Us

Hello! I'm Matt, sole owner, designer, and developer of Wild Pine Web Designs, LLC. I began my education in Software Development while raising my two very active children as a stay-at-home dad. It was after graduating at Western Governors University that I kicked off my career as a web developer. That's when I began to discover the vast differences between web development and what I call web building.

The world has been gifted with tools that allow just about anyone without a software background to build themself a standard website for their business using predetermined themes and drag-and-drop building blocks.

But at what cost?

What I found is that these websites tend to have slow performance from the multitude of unnecessary plugins, design constrictions from being forced to build within the boundaries of the website's chosen theme, and compounded costs coming from all angles just to implement special features and keep the site running.

That's why I made it my goal to take my web development experience and offer a subscription-based service to small businesses at a price they can afford. At Wild Pine Web Designs, we don't just offer affordable websites with unique designs, we offer relationships to last a lifetime.

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